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Visual Merchandising, POS Displays & Signage

So, what can we manufacture for you?

Well as you approach your outlet, all the main signage including the projecting signs and the elaborate wall cladding panels – we can do those for you.  Your magnificent window display features that are so elegantly illuminated for maximum visual impact, all manufactured by us.

As you walk through the door the first thing that catches your eye are those hanging departmental and brand headers in stunning LED neon ‘LumeNeon’ making the whole shopping experience organised and inviting.

Your product feature wall is spectacular, our curvy shaped shelves ‘Lumeneon Shelf Scheme’ with the striking effect to all the curved profiles beautifully and subtly illuminate your current product promotions.

An elegant free standing sculptured branded display unit, obviously the centre piece designed to catch the consumers eye but keep them focused on the purchase. As they glance up, on the back wall a fully illuminated counter (and an assistant eagerly waiting to serve) and above them visible right across the store are huge “please pay here” letters in style you’ve not seen before.

Gaze up and notice the ceiling covered in those interlocking geometric shapes casting an incredible amount of light in every direction.  To your right is a spectacular wall of retro built up words, shapes or numbers with a myriad of finishes styles and textures, and so many styles and colour of light from tube lighting to cabochon fairground bulbs.  As you guessed, all these Visual Merchandising, POS displays & Signage can be manufactured by our team of in-house craftsmen, but not limited to this scenario.

It is as simple as this, Together we have created your concept store – You are ready for roll out production – We Can Manufacture It.

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