Accurate representation of a brief

When given a brief we don’t just offer the best fit from a standard range of products. Our first exercise is to explore how we can perfectly match the brief while also aiming to exceed our client’s level of expectation. This often challenges us to design new manufacturing techniques.

Designed to aid installation leading to snag free fitting

Any signage product can be detrimentally affected by the installation, likewise a poorly manufactured product can have a substantial negative impact for the installation quality and timeline.

We actively and constantly involve installers at the design stage which has given us an enviable almost 100% snag free record and a reputation amongst installers of having total confidence in hassle free and timely fitting of our products.

Built Up Letters – Aluminium composite material (ACM)

This misunderstood material has far greater potential than is currently being utilised. We are totally unique in our approach to ACM. We have spent several years developing the required techniques necessary to use this material as the primary component in almost any 3D element with exceptional success.

Our current clients are now challenging us to produce ever more elaborate structures which in turn is giving them much more freedom of creativity.

Who We Are

We have been innovating and manufacturing signage products for nearly 25 years.  In that time, we have witnessed and pioneered many fundamental developments, the most radical of these has been the transference to LED in nearly all aspects of illumination.  Once considered unthinkable we were at the forefront of LED powered external main signage.

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Our Carbon Footprint

All our core materials are fully recyclable. All our illumination techniques are using LED in various formats.

In addition, our internal policy is committed to minimising our environmental impact.

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