Hygiene and Safety Products Now being Manufactured

When Life’s giving us all a GLOBAL amount of lemons……………make splash guards !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Many shapes and sizes available
Bespoke and custom designs can be manufactured.
Wide range of hygiene/protection products available

Our acrylic Sneeze Splash Screen Guards have been designed to help with the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19). These screens are manufactured to put a safe guard in between you, your staff or customers. These sneeze guards are one of the protective measures we can use with the spread of the Covid-19 virus and provide a barrier to block airborne particles.

Our acrylic protective guards are ideal for offices, banks, doctors/dentists, pharmacies, supermarkets, food shops and many more. They are portable, so can be moved from one location to another, as and when required.

All the standard guards have a slot for the safe transfer of medicines, paperwork, payment etc. But the product can easily be manufactured without the slot too

Manufactured in durable 6mm Acrylic, not 2mm or 3mm which is too flimsy
2 sizes available, choose from
750 x 650 x 6mm
1000 x 1000 x 6mm
.These guards are perfect in the fight against Coronavirus and ensure that your employees are at less risk in a customer facing environment.

For Enquiries contact keith@displaydesigns.net or signs@displaydesigns.net

Protective Screen

Hygiene safety protective splash spit guard screens

Protective Screen Guard
Hygiene safety protective splash spit guard screens
splash guard screen
Hygiene safety protective splash spit guard screens

Splash Sneeze Guard

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