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Design of manufacturing techniques

As manufacturers, our primary responsibility is not to judge or influence the clients creative, but to identify and design the best possible methodology to achieve the brief. This does on occasions require us to offer our advice if we believe we have identified a specific need for our input.

Superior quality of finish

With the recent increase of elaborate retail internal point of sale and signage communication, much of which is at or near eye level, we have invested heavily in R&D to identify both materials and techniques suitable for this purpose.

This allows us to create stunning displays and signage with huge emphasis on the finish and detail quality. This can have an enormous positive effect on the impact of the overall project.

One off to roll out

Whether we are producing a one-off project of any size and complexity or a full national rollout programme our dedicated skilled team will always endeavour to apply the highest standards of quality and attention to detail while committing to never miss a given deadline.

In over 20 years we have never missed a delivery timeline. Undoubtedly one of our proudest attributes.

Who We Are

We have been innovating and manufacturing signage products for nearly 25 years.  In that time, we have witnessed and pioneered many fundamental developments, the most radical of these has been the transference to LED in nearly all aspects of illumination.  Once considered unthinkable we were at the forefront of LED powered external main signage.

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Our Carbon Footprint

All our core materials are fully recyclable. All our illumination techniques are using LED in various formats.

In addition, our internal policy is committed to minimising our environmental impact.

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